Digital Poster Presentation

As an abstract author, you are required to present a digital poster at the conference. The primary goal of your poster is to convey your work with clarity and professionalism. You may have several additional goals for your poster presentation: to find collaborations within MTL / MIT.nano, to make industry contacts, and to find employment opportunities.

Important Dates

  • Pitch & Poster Workshop: January 11th, 4:00 p.m. E.T.
  • Poster Submission Deadline: January 11th
  • Poster Submission Extension (for those who attend the Pitch & Poster Workshop): January 15th

Visualize Your Poster on Conference Platform (Gather)

Visualize your poster on the conference platform (Gather) here!

Prepare your Poster

A digital poster presentation is very similar to a standard poster presentation; on MARC's platform, attendees will be able to "walk" up to your poster, view it in full-screen mode, and scroll as necessary. A template (required for all posters) is provided as an attachment at the bottom of this page. Posters will be judged based on communication quality (e.g., clarity, organization, content, visualizations, etc.) for prizes.

Format: PNG
In PowerPoint, click "Save As", and specify the file type to be ".png". With the provided template, this should result in a 1920x2304-pixel image. Note: Our platform cannot accept PDFs.

Tips for a Successful Poster Presentation

  • Identify your message for your poster and design your poster to be a visual aid to further that message.
  • Remember the scope of your audience. Provide adequate background, clearly contextualize the problem, and emphasize the impact of your solution.
  • Clearly describe and/or visualize the guts (approach, methods, experimental setup, etc.), but remember that posters, as a format, are not conducive to heavy detail. Leave the details and subtleties to documents that are more suitable for them (publications, lecture notes, etc.).
  • Provide compelling results that substantiate your message and/or conclusion.
  • Design your poster to have a well-organized structure with obvious flow. Visuals for grouping and flow should match the way you want the audience to group concepts and/or move through the poster.
  • Ensure figures are clear and high-impact. Design your figures with maximum "signal-to-noise ratio".
  • Use minimal text, or ensure text use is strategic and high-impact. Text is most effectively used as headings and clearly stating the take-home messages of your poster. Again, leave the complexities to other kinds of documents.
  • Maintain visual cohesion in regards to colors, font types/sizes, etc.

Prepare your Preview Image

In addition to your poster, we ask that you submit a preview image that attendees will see as they walk by your poster. Consider this preview image an opportunity to grab the passer-by's attention and make them want to stop and learn about your work. We recommend you choose a preview image that is directly used in (or thematically similar to) your pitch to help attendees connect your pitch and poster.

Format: PNG
Resolution: > 720p
Note: Our platform cannot accept PDFs.

If you are having trouble meeting these format requirements, please email haoquan[at]mit[dot]edu to see if your format can be accommodated.

Upload your poster and preview image

Naming: Please use the following naming convention: "Session#.Presentation#_poster.png" (ex: 6.08_poster.png) and "Session#.Presentation#_preview.png" (ex: 6.08_preview.png). Please check your assigned presentation number here.

Upload link: Upload your poster and preview image to this submission link by Monday January 11, 2021 (or Friday January 15, 2021 for those who attend the pitch-poster workshop).

File Attachments: 
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