Welcome to MARC2021! On this page, you'll find important information about MARC's virtual platform and provided meals.


MARC2021 will be held in a virtual conference space on Gather, a platform designed for easy interaction. Gather will contain Zoom integration for all keynote, lightning talk, and panel events. Thus, MARC's events and resources will be distributed as follows:

Gather: All "interact" events, all "watch" events (access via Zoom integration), asynchronous viewing of pre-recorded pitches, schedule, support links
Zoom: All "watch" events
MARC Website: schedule and proceedings

Getting started with Gather:
  1. Platform links will be sent to attendees via email.
  2. Gather will open for attendees on Monday, Jan 25 at 6pm ET. Attendees are highly encouraged to explore the space and acclimate to Gather before MARC begins.
  3. When you enter Gather, you will be prompted to enter your name and select your camera, microphone, and speaker systems. Please ensure these are selected correctly, and please turn on your camera. Please add your affiliation in brackets after your name (e.g., "[MIT Student]", "[MIT Faculty]", "[Texas Instruments]", etc.).
  4. When you click "Join the Gathering", you will be "spawned" at the entrance of our virtual conference center.
  5. For first-time users: we recommend observing the instructions printed on the floor, and navigating with your arrow keys to the "How to use Gather" TVs for a short introductory video (when you reach the TV, press "x" to view the video).
  6. To seamlessly switch to Zoom for "watch" events, navigate to the Auditorium and press "x".
If you have issues with Gather, please take a look at our FAQ sheet below and visit our Gather support hotline if needed. "Watch" events can be accessed directly via Zoom links, which will be included in the platform links sent to attendees.
Gather FAQ Page
Gather A/V Troubleshooting

Provided Meals

Attendees who agree to wholeheartedly participate in the following MARC events will be eligible for meal delivery vouchers. Vouchers will be provided for the MARC Comedy Show, Dessert Social, and Evening Activities (Jan 26, 7:00-10:00pm ET), and MIG/MAP Lunch (Jan 27, 12:30-1:30pm ET). Detailed ordering instructions are provided in the PDF below. Pre-ordering is highly recommend for on-time delivery.