List of Abstracts

Last updated Jan. 14, 2021

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List of Sessions

SS - COVID-19-Applicable Technologies
Session Chair: Ting-An Lin
SS.01Prospective Evaluation of the Transparent, Elastomeric, Adaptable, Long-Lasting (TEAL) RespiratorAdam Wentworth
SS.02Electronics for Transparent, Long-Lasting RespiratorsSirma Orguc
SS.03Rapid Monitoring of Sepsis Using MicrofluidicsDohyun Lee
SS.04A Sample-to-Answer Electrochemical System for Point-of-Care Biomarker DetectionKruthika Kikkeri
SS.05SonicPACT: An Ultrasonic Ranging Method for the Private Automated Contact Tracing (PACT) ProtocolMichael Specter
SS.06Highly integrated bioelectronic system based on graphene transistor arrays for multiple ion detectionMantian Xue
SS.07Far UV-C light-emitting diode based on hexagonal Boron Nitride for high efficiency sanitizingJiadi Zhu
S1 - Integrated Circuits
Session Chair: Rishabh Mittal
S1.01CMOS THz-ID: A 1.6-mm² Package-Less Cryptographic Identification Tag with 260-GHz Backscatter CommunicationMohamed Ibrahim
S1.02One-way private key cryptography with embedded spatial security via Orbital Angular Momentum wavesJongchan Woo
S1.03Simulation and Analysis of GaN CMOS LogicJaeyoung Jung
S1.04Hardware Trojan Detection using Unsupervised Deep Learning on High Spatial Resolution Magnetic Field MeasurementsMaitreyi Ashok
S1.05SynCells – Heterogeneously Integrated, Wireless Sensor MicrosystemsMarek Hempel
S1.06Stability improvement of CMOS molecular clocks using a calibration technique based on high-order detection and digital integrationMina Kim
S1.07High Angular Resolution THz Beam Steering Antenna Arrays in 22nm FinFET TechnologyNathan Monroe
S2 - Energy-Efficient AI
Session Chair: Jane Lai
S2.01Freely scalable and reconfigurable optical hardware for deep learningAlexander Sludds
S2.02Once-for-All: Train One Network and Specialize it for Efficient DeploymentHan Cai
S2.03TinyTL: Reduce Memory, Not Parameters for Efficient On-Device LearningHan Cai
S2.04SpAtten: Efficient Sparse Attention Architecture with Cascade Token and Head PruningHanrui Wang
S2.05AI for Microsystems DesignJack Gammack
S2.06MCUNet: Tiny Deep Learning on IoT DevicesJi Lin
S2.07Computing Map-scale Continuous Mutual Information on Chip in Real TimeKeshav Gupta
S2.08Sparseloop: An Analytical, Energy-Focused Design Space Exploration Methodology for Sparse Tensor AcceleratorsYannan Wu
S2.09Balancing Actuation Energy and Computing Energy in Low-Power Motion PlanningSoumya Sudhakar
S2.10Searching Efficient 3D Architectures with Sparse Point-Voxel ConvolutionZhijian Liu
S2.11Single-frame randomized probe imaging through deep residual learningZhen Guo
S3 - Power
Session Chair: Benjamin G. Cary
S3.01Switching Reliability of GaN Power High Electron Mobility TransistorsAviram Massuda
S3.02DC-DC Converter Implementations Based on Piezoelectric TransformersElaine Ng
S3.03Multi-Inverter Discrete-Backoff: A High-Efficiency, Very-Wide-Range RF Power Generation ArchitectureHaoquan Zhang
S3.04Leveraging Multi-Phase and Fractional-Turn Planar Transformers for Power Supply Miniaturization in Data CentersMike Ranjram
S3.05Exploring Power Conversion Based on Switched Capacitors and Piezoelectric ResonatorsPedro Acosta
S3.06Closed Loop Control for a Piezoelectric-Resonator Based DC-DC Power ConverterJoshua Piel
S3.07MEMS Compatible Micro Rocket Engine using Steam Injector and Electric Fuel PumpJonathan Protz
S4 - Optics and Photonics
Session Chair: Milica Notaros
S4.01Terahertz Light Sources by Electronic-Oscillator-Driven Second Harmonic Generation in Extreme-Confinement CavitiesLamia Ateshian
S4.02Waveguide Optimization for Broadband Frequency ConversionDodd Gray
S4.03High-performance on-chip digital Fourier Transform spectrometersGillian Micale
S4.04Imaging transparent objects through dynamic scattering media using recurrent neural networksIksung Kang
S4.05Integrated-Photonics-Based Holographic Display for Augmented RealityMilica Notaros
S4.06High-performance non-mechanically-tunable meta-lensMikhail Shalaginov
S4.07The effect of O:N ratio on triplet energy transfer in singlet fission sensitized siliconNarumi Wong
S4.08Multiplexed Raman Sensors using Swept-Source ExcitationNili Persits
S4.09Magnetic field-switchable laser via optical pumping of rubreneCollin Perkinson
S4.10Hafnia-Filled Photonic Crystal Emitters for Mesoscale Thermophotovoltaic GeneratorsReyu Sakakibara
S4.11GaN µLEDs for Microsystem Optical CommunicationsSarah Spector
S4.12Cryogenic operation of silicon photonic modulators based on DC Kerr effectUttara Chakraborty
S5 - Quantum Technologies
Session Chair: Eric A. Bersin
S5.01A Polarization Encoded Photon-to-Spin InterfaceKevin Chen
S5.02Nonlinear pulse compression for single flux quantum (SFQ) compatible qubit readoutGregory Cunningham
S5.03A High-Dense Array of Diamond Vertical Cavity towards a Scalable Quantum NetworkYuqin (Sophia) Duan
S5.04Simulating quantum transport and localization using a superconducting quantum processorAmir Karamlou
S5.05Design of Superconducting Qubit Lattices using Flip Chip TechnologySarah Muschinske
S5.06Nonlinear Analysis and Simulation of Pulse Compression Circuits for Qubit ReadoutErik Porter
S5.07Superconductor-Spin Transduction for Hybrid Quantum ComputingHamza Raniwala
S5.08Tracking the evolution of nitrogen vacancy optical properties throughout fabricationMadison Sutula
S5.09Engineering purely nonlinear coupling with the quartonYe Yufeng
S6 - Biotechnologies
Session Chair: Kruthika Kikkeri
S6.01Optimization and Design of Umbo Microphone for Fully Implantable Assistive Hearing DevicesBenjamin Cary
S6.02Absolute Blood Pressure Measurement using Machine Learning Algorithms on Ultrasound based SignalsHanrui Wang
S6.03Measuring Eye Movement Features using Portable Devices to Track Neurodegenerative DiseasesHsin-Yu Lai
S6.04Analytical and Numerical Modeling of an Intracochlear Hydrophone for Fully Implantable Assistive Hearing DevicesJohn Zhang
S6.05Ultrasound-based cerebral arterial blood flow measurementSyed Imaduddin
S6.06Bio-Nanoparticle for Drug Delivery Using TERCOMJonathan Protz
S7 - Electronic Devices
Session Chair: Nadim Chowdhury
S7.01III-V vertical nanowire Esaki diodes with record-high current densityYanjie Shao
S7.02The mysterious layer on hydrogen terminated diamond surfaceAlon Vardy
S7.03Bias Temperature Instability under Forward Bias Stress of Normally-Off GaN High Electron Mobility TransistorsEthan S. Lee
S7.04NbN-Gated GaN Transistor for Application in Quantum Computing SystemsQingyun Xie
S7.05CMOS-compatible Protonic Programmable ResistorsMurat Onen
S7.06Sharpened GaN Nanopyramids for Field Emission ApplicationsPao-Chuan Shih
S7.07Investigation of Trap Properties in Sub 10nm FW InGaAs FinFETs for Expecting Future DevicesJin Soak Kim
S7.08CMOS SPADs in 55nm BCDLite PlatformJaehwan Kim
S7.09Low Voltage Gated-Si Field Ionization ArraysGirish Rughoobur
S8 - Materials and Manufacturing
Session Chair: Haozhe Wang
S8.01Rethinking plant-based materials production: selective growth of tunable materials via cell cultureAshley Beckwith
S8.02Nonlinear Time Series Regression with Autocorrelated Error using Neural NetworksFan-Keng Sun
S8.03Low-Temperature Growth of High Quality MoS2 by Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor DepositionJi-hoon Park
S8.04Dipole Doping of Ultra-wide Bandgap 2D MaterialsJiadi Zhu
S8.05Polarization switching study of metal/Hf0.5Zr0.5O2/Si capacitorsKevin Limanta
S8.06Fault detection for semiconductor processes using one classChristopher Lang
S8.07Bilayer graphene in Frank van der Merwe growth and its machine-learning-assisted characterizationHaozhe Wang
S8.08Adhesion in Nanoparticle-Enhanced Microsputtered Gold Thin FilmsYosef Kornbluth
S8.09Large scale 2D Perovskite/Transition Metal Dichalcogenide heterostructure for photodetectorDoyoon Lee
S8.10Inference of Process Variations in Silicon Photonics from Characterization MeasurementsZhengxing Zhang
S9 - Nanostructures and Nanomaterials
Session Chair: Elaine D. McVay
S9.01Electrically Reconfigurable Nonvolatile Metasurfaces based on Optical Phase Change MaterialsYifei Zhang
S9.02Conformally encapsulated Silver Nanowires (AgNW) by Size-tuned Graphene Oxide LayersWoo Hyun Chae
S9.03Dynamics of HfZrO2 Ferroelectric Structures: Experiments and ModelsTaekyong Kim
S9.04Ultra-stable supramolecular nanostructures with tunable surface chemistries from a novel aramid amphiphile platformTy Christoff-Tempesta
S9.05Gigahertz Frequency Antiferromagnetic Resonance and Strong Magnon-Magnon Coupling in the Layered Crystal CrCl3Justin Tony Hou
S9.06Design using genetic algorithms of microchannels in a cold-plate.Javier Izquierdo-Reyes
S9.07Gated nonreciprocal magnon transmission from direction-dependent magnetic dampingJiahao Han
S9.08Nanopatterned graphene based universal epitaxy platform for single-crystalline membrane transferHyunseok Kim
S9.09Micro-tube arrays for enhanced pool boiling heat transferYoungsup Song
S9.10Self-Assembled Molecular Junction Bolometers for Mid Infrared DetectionElaine McVay