January 27-28, 2010; Boston Marriott Cambridge

Poster Creation Guidelines

If you submit your poster as instructed below by 5:00PM on January 8, 2010, MTL will handle the poster printing.


5:00PM on January 8, 2010 for POSTERS and PRESENTATION SLIDES.

If you elect to have your poster printed by MTL using the EECS plotter, you can e-mail your poster to . All posters must be submitted by this date, or they will not be printed by MTL! If you choose to have your poster printed elsewhere, please drop it off (location TBD) by January 23, 2010.

When your poster has been printed, an e-mail will be sent to you. You can stop by to review your poster during office hours (dates, location TBD) or by prior appointment.

Formatting & Plotting Procedures

Posters that will be printed by MTL using the EECS plotter should be formatted to no wider than 41-inches-wide. If you are formatting your poster to be printed elsewhere, your poster can be no larger than 48-inches-by-48-inches wide, preferably using most of that space.

The structure supporting each poster will be a 4-foot-by-8-foot board standing on top of thin classroom tables -- two different posters will be placed on each board. Note that during the process of attaching the poster to the board, the boards may be taken off the table and placed on a flat surface.

We recommend that the posters be in PPT format in order to allow the slides to be plotted onto a single sheet.  By doing so, the presentation can be easily transported as a single rolled-up sheet, is easy to setup, and can be printed and distributed on standard letter-size sheets (8.5-inches-by-11-inches).

Posters can also be plotted by a vendor of your choosing, such as FedEx Office or MIT CopyTech, if you are unable to make the submission deadline, but you must arrange payment on your own. 


Each poster will be assigned a specific location at the conference location. A map will be available when you arrive at the conference showing the location for your poster, and a note with your poster title will be posted at the location that you have been assigned.

PowerPoint file with correct dimensions for MARC2010 poster

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