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 6.050J / 2.110J     Information and Entropy     Spring 2004

Official Announcements

Archive of 6.050-students (at), Spring 2004

This is an archive of all official course announcements posted to the 6.050-students (at) list.

11Apr 9[2.110/6.050] Another practice quiz
10Apr 5[2.110/6.050] Midterm Quiz Announcements
9Apr 4[2.110/6.050] homework return
8Mar 4[2.110/6.050] office hours trucation
7Mar 4[2.110/6.050] Typos in homework set 5
6Mar 2Office Hour Change
5Feb 27[2.110/6.050] minor typo in ps4
4Feb 20[2.110/6.050] Pset 3 submission closed
3Feb 6[2.110/6.050] Pset 1 submission closed
2Feb 5[2.110/6.050] Office hours
1Feb 5You have been subscribed to the 6.050-students mailing list

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